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People: D&AD CEO Patrick Burgoyne voluntarily steps down, as organization develops “survival plan”

GLOBAL — D&AD CEO Patrick Burgoyne has voluntarily stepped down from his role, with Dara Lynch, long-time COO, to lead the company supported by the senior management team, president Kate Stanners, deputy president Ben Terret and the Board of Trustees.

D&AD is a charity devoted to stimulating, celebrating and enabling excellence in commercial creativity, serving the global creative community with our awards, festivals and learning programs.

“Like many thousands of other businesses around the world we have seen our revenues dramatically reduce during the pandemic. Businesses like ours, which are in part events companies, have been badly hit,” reads D&AD’s statement.


“As a consequence we have had to develop a survival plan that enables us to do three things; first, continue to run the D&AD Awards to our usual high standard. Second, to continue to support the emerging cohort of creative talent as it seeks opportunities in the advertising and design industry, through the New Blood program. And third, rebuild our reserves so that we can reshape D&AD for a different, primarily digital, future.

A key part of that plan includes a significant reduction in our staff numbers; and this also means we have had to reconfigure our senior management team. Our CEO, Patrick Burgoyne, has unselfishly volunteered to relinquish his role and step down. We thank him for his service, first as a Trustee and, since December 2019, as our CEO.”




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