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Mind Museum’s ‘Mind S-Cool’ show closes in on mental health for 5th season

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Stress and problems are inevitable. People cope with stressful situations and their problems in different ways, some healthier than others. Some people use alcohol, cigarette, and drugs to distract themselves or escape from problems. However, these substances negatively affect our physical health and change our brains until we become dependent on them. There are ways to avoid dependence if we catch ourselves early enough and develop healthier ways of coping.

In partnership with the Department of Health, USAID, and University Research Co., The Mind Museum’s top-rated science show MIND-SCOOL is launching its Season 5 which deals with mental health, particularly, stress. The Mind Museum belongs to the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc (BAFI), the science and art foundation that conceived and operates The Mind Museum, the BGC Arts Center (a performing arts center), and ArtBGC, a public art program.


Maria Isabel Garcia, managing director and curator of the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. said, “MIND S-COOL Season 5 is BAFI’s contribution to multi-dimensional and transdisciplinary learning that cuts across the many divides that exist in our society. BAFI is very grateful to USAID’s RenewHealth project with the Department of Health for recognizing the opportunity to partner on such an essential topic.”

Six episodes will creatively explore mental health for Filipino audiences, particularly families and students, and zero in on the multi-dimensional triggers of alcohol, cigarette, and substance abuse and how to help oneself and the ones you are connected to, with evidence-based interventions, while in the early stages. The episodes will focus on the following:

  1. Lahat ba ng stress masama? (What is stress and its effects on the brain)
  2. Ano ba ang pwedeng gawin pag-stressed? (Understanding and managing emotions)
  3. Ano ba ang epekto ng Sigarilyo Alkohol at Droga or (S.A.D)? (Effects of substance abuse, cigarettes and alcohol)
  4. Papaano maiwasan ang pag-gamit ng S.A.D? (Triggers of S.A.D – emotions, people, places, things, events and on helping people understand what their triggers are and how to manage or avoid them.)
  5. Ano ang gagawin ko pag pinipilit ako na gumamit? (Handling peer pressure)
  6. Paano maging maginhawa? (Aspects of well-being and staying healthy)

Aside from the three main questers of The Mind Museum namely, Mikee and Mario (a new quester) and “genius” Manong G, all the episodes will also be powered by two teenagers, Kaira and Simon, who will be on a journey with the MIND S-Cool team to understand what stress is, if all stress is bad, and how to manage it well. Mental health experts Dr. Alexander dela Fuente of DOH and Dr. Reginal Hechanova-Alampay and King Filart of the USAID RenewHealth project will also appear on the episodes to help the questers and teenagers understand themselves. They will visit various scenarios where mental health sits on the balance and where experts will offer various ways to manage those situations and the emotions stirred by them.

MIND S-COOL TV Season 5 airs on Cignal TV’s ONE PH Ch.1, Sunday, 11:00 am and replays 4:30 pm. It can also be streamed on the Mind S-Cool YouTube channel.

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