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Ant-Man and the Hulk battle over a Coke mini-can

After distributing mini-cans of Coca-Cola to AdWeek last week, the softdrinks giant and Marvel Studios promised something big at this year’s Super Bowl. Sure enough, a spot featuring two Avengers was among the ads that appeared prominently in the game between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.

It begins with an establishing shot of a lab which is identified as “Dr. Bruce Banner’s Lab.” Of course, any self-respecting comic book fan knows that is actually the secret identity of the Incredible Hulk. As the refrigerator in the lab opens, a mini-can of Coca-Cola seemingly moves by itself outside of the fridge. The silhouette of Dr. Banner appears and opens the lab when a voice under the mini-can says, “Oh boy.”


“Hey Bruce, you don’t mind if I take this last Coke, do you? Thanks! Bye!” says Ant-Man (voiced by Paul Rudd) as he jumps out the window. When Ant-Man and the can land on the pavement below, the windows of the laboratory are torn asunder when the Hulk emerges in all his green glory.

“Oh you do mind! Sorry! Kinda,” says Ant-Man as the Hulk gives chase by bounding from building to building.” The dimunutive hero rolls the mini-can like a log, reaching a sewer entrance while screaming, “Hey, mini-can coming through!”

“Dead end. Not. Awesome,” he observes when the Hulk appears roaring behind him. “Okay, okay! Wow, so angry,” Ant-Man states as he tosses the mini-can to the Hulk.As the Jade Giant has a hard time opening the can with his massive fingers, he screams at the can. “Oh you poor, sad Hulk. Hold on,” says Ant-Man as he climbs from the Hulk’s toes to his hand. He opens the can before grabbing a drop of Coca-Cola to absorb through his mask. When the Hulk sips from the mini-can, Ant-Man stands above it and states, “Wow, you have the greenest eyes.”The spot ends with a long shot of the city, with Banner’s lab now having a hole to the left of the screen as the words, “Sometimes you just want a little Coca-Cola” are shown. This then transforms into the shape of four classic Coca-Cola bottles in silver, red, black, and green behind the classic Coca-Cola script. The new Coke tagline of “Taste the feeling” appears underneath with the hashtag “#CokeMini” right below it.The Hulk and Ant-Man will more than likely have prominent parts in the coming Captain America: Civil War set for release in the second quarter of 2016.

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