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Fly to Metropolis and Gotham City with Turkish Airlines

The National Football League’s Super Bowl once again proved to be an advertiser’s dream as several brands used the big game to place some unique ads. Two of the most unique advertisements came from Turkish Airlines and actually discussed fictional destinations for Turkey’s flagship carrier.

In line with the coming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice motion picture from Warner Bros., Turkish Airlines released two commercials talking about travel destinations in Metropolis and Gotham. Metropolis is, of course, the home of Superman while Gotham is Batman’s homebase. There are easter eggs in each ad for the most hardcore of comic book geeks, but just the fact that Turkish Airlines would throw their support for the film is a big vote of confidence for director Zach Snyder’s promised opus.


For the Metropolis spot, a voice begins by saying “As the airline that flies to more countries than any other, Turkish Airlines is pleased to announce a new destination… Metropolis.” The opening shot shows a bridge in Metropolis leading to a child in a cab looking up at the city’s skyscrapers. “A city reborn, rebuilt, and stronger than ever,” says the voice as the scenes shift to the top of the Daily Planet newspaper (without the iconic globe that was destroyed in Man of Steel).

“Proud of its heritage, and its heroes,” the voice continues as the scene shifts to a statue of Superman that stands in a park. The Man of Steel is then shown flying between the city’s buildings even as some residents who are dining outside the Metropolis Museum of Modern Art look up.

“Well thanks to LexCorp’s substantial contribution, Metropolis is now open for business again!” states a long-haired Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg). “Come visit ‘the City of Tomorrow’ today,” goes the voiceover while a Metropolis local stares outside her apartment window smiling. “We can’t wait to welcome you,” says Luthor from inside a Turkish Airlines plane.

“Book your flight now on Turkish Airlines,” the voice concludes, before we are taken to the now-familiar confrontation between Batman and Superman that will commence in March 2016. As the Turkish Airlines logo flashes, together with its tagline of “Widen your world,” the words “#FLYTOMETROPOLIS” encourage sharing via social media.

The spot for Gotham begins similarly and has a similar voiceover, save for the architecture that has gargoyles which are a trademark of Gotham City. “A city that’s risen above its past to become a thriving urban center,” the voice states while ominous characters are shown on one rooftop before a shot of the city’s skyline with Ace Chemicals is featured prominently.

“Thanks to a significant grant from my company, Wayne Enterprises, Gotham is being restored to its former glory,” says CEO Bruce Wayne (played by Ben Affleck) as he walks to his limousine. “From the legendary Gotham Opera House to the nightlife of the new Bowery, take a trip to a city that never stops,” the voice continues as scenes of the opera house and a party in the Bowery goes into full swing.

“Discover why Gotham City is great again,” the voiceover says as a man (presumably Bruce Wayne) is shown from inside his apartment looking out at the Gotham skyline. As night falls on Gotham, some of its residents look up at the sky as the voice says, “And who knows? You may even catch a glimpse of a local celebrity.” This leads to the famous Bat Signal being flashed into the night sky.

Bruce Wayne is then shown inside a Turkish Airlines jet stating, “There’s never been a better time to visit our great city.” The voice concludes with, “So book your flight now on Turkish Airlines” as it once again leads to the confrontation between Batman and Superman. For this spot, however, the final image states, “#FLYTOGOTHAM.”

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