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Award: GIGIL declared 3rd most effective independent agency in Asia-Pacific

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– The APAC Effies, the gold standard of the marketing effectiveness of advertising ideas, gave a gold to GIGIL in its awards ceremony held virtually from Singapore last Sept. 24 and 25.

Honoring in its retail category the agency’s Christmas film for Levi’s about a father, his son, and a denim jacket, the win catapulted GIGIL to become the show’s 3rd most marketing effective independent agency in all of Asia-Pacific.


First place was copped by Kiwi agency Stanley St. Auckland for ‘The Deciding Question,’ a recruitment campaign for the New Zealand Police which won 3 golds.

Edelman Sydney placed second for its PayPal effort entitled ‘The Carpark Christmas Challenge,’ which showed that one can shop faster than spot a vacant slot in a parking facility.

GIGIL is the first Philippine independent agency in history to have scored a gold in the globally recognized awards show celebrating marketing effectiveness.

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