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Brand & Business: BETC HAVAS CAFÉ to launch in an iconic street in Sao Paulo, Brazil

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL — In December, Rua Oscar Freire, one of the most iconic and charming streets in Sao Paulo, the largest metropolis in Brazil, will welcome a new venue dedicated to leisure, culture, art, and entertainment: BETC HAVAS CAFÉ. The main goal of the site — owned by and carrying the brand of Brazilian agency BETC HAVAS — is to promote an environment that expands and favors all sorts of human connection through the arts, culture, innovation, and, of course, creativity.

The project, led by partner and CEO Erh Ray, is inspired by BETC Paris — the brand’s headquarters located in France and one of the most awarded agencies in the world — and by Havas Café — a lounge assembled annually during the Cannes Lions, the leading global creativity festival, where people gather, relax, eat, drink and enjoy exclusive interventions, in addition to sharing knowledge and experiences. So, in Brazil the biggest mission of the BETC HAVAS CAFÉ is to help people get together.

“After such a long time in isolation, without looking people in the eye, going back to life inspired us to take this project off the ground. To me, nothing replaces sharing ideas in person, especially during unpretentious meetings, such as coffee breaks at work, lunches, or happy hours. We are social beings, we need to make small talk, share ideas and daily experiences in person, to improvise, and be spontaneous. Not having these relationships affects our industry, which thrives on creativity. So, when coming back, we decided not to be just a coworking or redesigned office space. We will be a cafe, a cozy and cool place where people feel at ease. A place with total focus on synergies and on bringing people together, whether they are employees, customers, partners, friends or the general public,” says Erh Ray.



With modern and inspiring architecture, BETC HAVAS CAFÉ is being built in the buzzing Oscar Freire area and is set to open in mid-December. In addition to the cafe, the enterprise will include an exclusive bar, art gallery, bookstore, projection rooms, and performance areas.

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