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Brand & Business: The Womb is named “Most Effective Independent Agency in Asia-Pacific” by Global Effie Index

MUMBAI, INDIA – The Effie Awards, the premier effectiveness awards show of the world, has released its Global Effie Index 2020. This is an aggregation of all Effie awards won in the year by all agencies – independent, as well as network, across the world. And The Womb has been ranked as the top independent agency in Asia-Pacific, narrowly missed being among the top 2 by one point. It also is ranked among the top 3 independent agencies in the world and amongst the top 25 agency offices (network and independent) in the world.

Navin Talreja, co-founder, The Womb, said, “We are super delighted because we didn’t know this was happening somewhere in the background, that someone was ranking us. We have gotten on with the work of helping clients businesses grow and this is a reward for that doggedness. Thanks to the team and here I mean the clients and everyone at The Womb who have believed in this way of working and have stood steadfast by us despite all challenges that have come along. We hope to continue to deliver for clients as for us that is the only thing that matters in the end.”

Kawal Shoor, co-founder, The Womb, stated, “This is smoking hot news for us. It is a matter of pride that an Indian independent agency is at the top of the charts in Asia-Pacific, and among the top 3 in the world. It is a result of the responsibility our clients entrust us with, and the expectations they have of us. There can’t be a bigger motivation than when a senior client says, “here is a business problem I have, help solve it”. It is also an outcome of the brains of our people, of the way we think, of taking creativity right into the heart of the strategy. A good reason to savour a moment and raise a virtual toast in the midst of constant zoom-in and zoom-out of our new lives.”

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