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Brooklyn Film Festival and TBWA reveal outrageous movie pitches from award-winning directors

NEW YORK – ‘There are some things you can only see in BRKLYN’. The main line for this year’s Brooklyn Film Festival 2014 campaign is a rallying cry for budding film directors to pitch forward their film plots this year, no matter how outrageous they sound.

The TV, print and social media campaign produced by Mambo with creative consultation from TBWA, reveals some of the crazy and far-fetched plot lines from some of last year’s winning films. In the spots, we see independent filmmakers, producers, writers, creatives…pitching their ‘outrageous’ film plot to someone else, in various Brooklyn locations. The spots capture their ‘big’ moment when they’ve just pitched the idea to their friend.


The spots are directed by Academy Award nominee Stephen Kessler, (famous for his work directing Paul Williams Still Alive (2012), Vegas Vacation (1997), The Independent (2000) and the short film Birch Street Gym (1992).

In its 17th year, the Brooklyn Film Festival continues to support and create a platform for budding talent to showcase their interesting, independent ideas. The Festival encourages people to recognize the difference between making an independent, challenging and unique film, and making just a ‘movie’.

”We are very excited to have TBWA create a brand new campaign for Brooklyn Film Festival that fits perfectly into this year’s theme, Formula,” said Brooklyn Film Festival Executive Director Marco Ursino. “We thank TBWA for helping us stir the ingredients into a winning formula for the success of all of our films and filmmakers.”
Rob Schwartz, Global Creative President of TBWA and writer and creative director of the campaign, commented: “The campaign is designed to capture the most crazy and creative ideas from the directors of the Brooklyn Film Festival. ‘There are some things you can only see in BRKLYN’ gives a nod to the great creativity that resides here and highlights how the festival helps that talent get recognized.”

Last year’s Expand Your View campaign picked up various award recognition including a Cannes shortlist and Webby honorees. Expand Your View was a piece of work combining technology, print and video. 2012’s award-winning films from BFF were compressed to form a ‘film code’ visual, made up of thousands of frames from that very film. On scanning the image with a smartphone, the image expanded to play the full trailer for that unique film, before landing on the Brooklyn Film Festival website. 


Rob Schwartz – Creative Director, Copywriter
Deniz Marlali – Art  Director
Ozzie Spenningsby – Producer
Stephen Kessler – Director
Joey Alvarado – Director of Photography
Final Cut
Stephanie Apt – Executive Producer
Betty Jo Moore – Editor
Significant Others
Cecil Hooker Flame Artist
Company 3
Tim Masick – Senior colorist
Sound Lounge
Tom Jucarone – Partner, President, Mixer

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