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Cannes Lion 2019: FCB New York and Burger King’s Whopper Detour Bags Second Grand Prix Win With Mobile Lions

“Whopper Detour”, created by FCB New York for Burger King bags its second Grand Prix win, this time for the Mobile Lions category.

The campaign was yet another “trolling” attempt made by the fast food chain that was well received by fans of the brand, resulting to record breaking foot traffic, growth in sales, and millions of BK mobile app downloads.

Apart from the odd humor used by Burger King and FCB New York, it was the campaign’s app component that helped build its success. By using mapping technology, geo-fencing, and data analysis, plus a user interface that’s easy to navigate (and of course the discounted Whoppers), the campaign became a real contender in this year’s Cannes Lions Festival.

Read more about Whopper Detour’s first Grand Prix win for Direct Lions here.

The campaign became such a success that it was deemed pivotal for the company’s marketing efforts that also paved the way to how they would approach future projects.

Meanwhile, here are the campaigns that won Gold for the track:

  • “Lessons in Herstory” by GOODBY SILVERSTEIN & PARTNERS, San Francisco for Daughters of the Evolution (2 Golds)
  • “See Sound” by AREA 23, Aa FCB Health Network Company, New York for Wavio
  • “Pocket Franchise” by HO COMMUNICATION, Shanghai for KFC (2 Golds)
  • “BagelGate” by Droga5, New York for Kraft – Heinz
  • “Address the Future” by VIRTUE, Copenhagen for Carlings
  • “Pay It Forward” FCB INFERNO, London for The Big Issue
  • “StorySign” by FCB INFERNO, London for Huawei
  • “The Whopper Detour” by FCB New York for Burger King

For the full list of winners, click here.

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