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Cheil scoops Gold in global design show for Samsung ‘semiconductor’ ride

NEW YORK – Cheil Worldwide won a Gold at the 8th Spark Design Award, a global design competition, for its work in showcasing a Semiconductor Rider, a virtual tour inside the ‘semiconductor’ to show what it’s made of for Samsung Electronics.

“…semiconductors are something that exist with us 24/7, like air, but it’s not easy to realize how valuable they are,” said Jay hyun Yoo, the designer at Cheil Worldwide. “As the world’s top semiconductor maker, Samsung wanted people to know more about semiconductors. So we came up with a solution that takes people on a virtual tour inside the ‘semiconductor’ in an intuitive way. Designers and technicians at Cheil created the ‘Semiconductor Rider’, in which you experience for yourself how small the world of semiconductor is.”

Inside the ‘Semiconductor Rider’, a three-minute long video that contains a virtual tour plays through 30 HD LFD monitors that altogether embody 60K resolution. For example, the voice guide at the Semiconductor Rider says, “We are at the 14 nano circuit point. Now, we will continue our journey into the nano space. You can see huge amount of data processing inside the nano space”, presenting a surreal and immersive experience of the semiconductor.


The ‘Semiconductor Rider’ is located in Samsung d’light, an exhibition space where Samsung showcases its latest technologies and products.

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