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Design: Pizza Hut and Ikea Creates a Life-Size Version of the Classic Mini Table Found in Pizza Hut Boxes

HONG KONG – See those white, little tables inside pizza boxes? For so long, people wondered what it was for, to a point where it became a silly meme (just so we’re clear, it’s used to keep the cheese from touching and sticking to the box 😉).

Playing on this cultural phenomenon, Pizza Hut and Ikea teams up for a collaboration we didn’t know we needed until now. In a campaign by Ogilvy Hong Kong, the two brands joined together to make a new recipe for pizza featuring Ikea’s iconic Swedish meatballs, and a life-sized version of the three-legged mini tables that comes inside the pizza boxes.



They called the table a Säva – designed to be specifically proportionate to a pizza box and also comes with its very own pizza box packaging.

The campaign was teased in a series of social media posts, with one showing a pizza hut delivery guy asleep in an Ikea store, and the other being a eureka moment at a boardroom.

“We’ve been absolutely thrilled to see the launch the new pizza hut x IKEA pizza with a fun, cheeky campaign that has proven to be quite popular with the fans already on the first day! this is a great pizza, and this campaign really shows how collaborations can really benefit the fans – not just the brands,” says John Koay, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Hong Kong.

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