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LIA 2018: Neena Felizzi Gatdula of Publicis JimenezBasic and Anne Karla Rivera of Over The Moon Communications, Inc. to Represent Philippines in Creative LIAisons Happening in Vegas

MANILA  Winners of the adobo LIA Young Creative Competition 2018 will fly to Las Vegas and participate in the LIA Creative LIAisons Young Creative Program on October 3-6.

After deliberating over 70 entries across 24 agencies, adobo magazine, the Philippines’ word in advertising and creativity, has chosen Neena Felizzi Gatdula from Publicis JimenezBasic and Anne Karla Rivera from Over The Moon Communications, Inc. to represent the country in the Vegas stage.

 IN PHOTO: Anne Karla Rivera (left) and Neena Felizzi Gatdula (right) to be featured on adobo magazine’s Creative Economy Issue.


The winning work of Gatdula at the adobo LIA Young Creative Competition 2018 titled ‘Meet Real Women’ was favored by majority of the jury due to its simplicity and realistic solution to the brief given. When asked about the idea behind her entry, Gatdula shared, “I think the problem with how we portray women in advertising is that they’re one-dimensional. So, the idea of creating a way for advertisers, marketers, even casters to ‘Meet Real Women’ to get inspired with for their advertising is where I’m at.”

On the other hand, ‘Badly Put Women’ by Over The Moon Communication Inc.’s Anne Karla Rivera had won the votes of the jury because of its creativity and shareability on social media platforms.“‘Badly Put [Women]’ is something that—if you have any idea or example—it’s on top of mind. And usually, badly put ideas or examples are the ones that get approved. So, naisip ko, “What if we create a badly put woman?”” Rivera shared when asked about the inspiration behind her work.

Creative LIAisons is an annual program limited to 100 attendees from around the globe and has become one of the most sought after programs in the industry.

The program consists of networking, seminars and the privilege to sit in on statue deliberations. Access to the judging room from the beginning of statue discussions through to the final metal decisions is an experience no other award show offers. Not only does it provide insight as to what is an award-winning piece of work, but provides a guide as to what sets apart great creative. This has been described by many of the Creative LIAisons’ alumni as priceless.

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