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Six passports that should win design awards

GLOBAL –  These are the passports we wish we had, not for the unrestricted travel privileges, but because they’re just SO PRETTY. Clearly, our “dark maroon” e-passports have a LOT of catching up to do.


Designed by Norwegian agency, Neue Design Studio, the passport features stark but stunning covers give way to minimalist renderings of the country’s natural landscapes – including the famous Northern Lights, which only appear when the passport is placed under a UV light.


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Much like Norway’s, Canada’s passport goes from plain to party with the help of a blacklight, with the country’s landmarks coming alive with secret fireworks, shooting stars, and glowing lights.

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While it looks like a normal passport on the outside, the inside pages offer a surprise: an elk that starts galloping when one flips the pages.




While decidedly much simpler than the other passports on this list, Australia’s passport includes a kangaroo and a platypus – which rank right up next to blacklight psychedelia and a running elk in terms of cool factor.

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Taking inspiration from the country’s flag – easily one of the most recognizable ones in the world – the Swiss passport’s bright red cover is embossed with its iconic Swiss cross, which also appears below the label. 

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The passport’s inside pages are a Carribean dream: silhouettes of dolphins, butterflies, and palm fronds in colorful but muted hues that are made even prettier when pressed with different passport stamps.

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Bonus: New Zealand’s passport stamp

Okay, so it’s not exactly a passport (and maybe that’s the best thing about it, because it means we all have a shot at getting it!) but New Zealand’s passport stamp, developed by Whybin\TBWA Auckland for Tourism New Zealand, deserves special mention because it brings a fantasy alive as it reads “Welcome to Middle Earth.”


Middle Earth Passport Stamp from on Vimeo.

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