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Spikes Asia 2019: Cheil Worldwide’s Youngmin Pipha Cho on AI, Blockchain and Creativity

SINGAPORE — In this year’s Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity,  Youngmin Pipha Cho, Cheil Worldwide Executive Creative Director, shared insights on Asian creativity and innovation during her Spikes Asia stage session: AI, Blockchain, and Creativity’, which delved into the important relationship between technology and humanity.

Youngmin Cho’s career in advertising spans over 20 years,  being in Cheil Worldwide. Cho shares what catapulted her into advertising, “Since I was a little child, I always wanted to read and write; I always wanted to solve problems too, so later when I graduated college someone told me that maybe advertising was the best job for me, especially the copywriter [position]. That’s what they told me so why not? I wanted to try my luck.”

Her career has been a journey of thinking out of the box – even out of the traditional definitions of ‘creative’ and finding optimal solutions with an engineer’s mind and the creator’s passion. Her biggest interests now lie in technology and its application to the clients’ business.


For her session, Cho tackled the current trend (Artificial Intelligence), the future (Cryptocurrency), and what’s next for Advertising. 

There is still more to explore in the world of AI and automation, and there still is hesitance in accepting such developments, but a lot of businesses and brands have learned to embrace them, even going further by creating their own AIs internally. In fact, several brands and agencies have integrated AIs in their campaigns, further solidifying that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.

Cho also sees the future also move towards Blockchain. Beyond the cryptocurrency market, blockchain technology has the potential to play a large influence in our lives and the advertising industry by changing how information is stored, updated, distributed and secured.

Lastly, for the industry to survive the current and ever-changing developments in technology, it’s important for the industry to adapt and integrate the latest developments into their work and practice. After all, the creative industry is all about reaching and communicating ideas and the universal truth to human beings.

“As a copywriter and ECD, I’ve been working for so many global campaigns such as Samsung Electronics, and other brands too. The reason why I like [creating] global campaigns, is that whoever we are, wherever we are, we still have something in common. I know everyone has this sort of problem when we work on global projects but it doesn’t matter what nation, we have to overcome our limitation as a local, Cho remarks.

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