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The Feminist Lens: Women Capturing Women

A new generation of young female photographers are pushing boundaries and shaping female consciousness in the world of art. They have adapted the term, “The Female Gaze,” a theory where women tell visual stories of other women reasserting their identity; a subversive act of claiming back the lens and redefining how society should view women through a female perspective.

Whether or not she knows it, Brook Pifer, Getty Images’ Photographer of the Month, has collections dedicated to the trope, and all are visually stunning.

First and foremost, Pifer is a storyteller of women. Her wish is to promote equality through raw and organic images that showcase women in a different light. “Growing up in the photo industry as a woman, I’ve had experiences with men that are misogynistic,” Pifer shares, “I’ve always wanted to push forward an agenda of equality and I have made that a major theme in my work.”


Normally based in New York (except during winter, which, in this case, she opts to stay in Los Angeles), Pifer is a lifestyle photographer that ‘loves capturing moments of unscripted spontaneity brimming with life.’ It is the gritty and unembellished portraits that capture her eye. With such rawness, her unique and fun-loving approach to life comes through.

“I want them [my photos] to feel authentic,” she reiterates, “When I go to a project, I shoot from the heart.”

Brook Pifer is a two-time winner of the PDN, as well as PDN Self-promotion award for best music video. She was also featured in Billboard magazine ulimate music moment as best artist portrait. In 2015, she won the Getty Images inagural Repicture Grant.

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