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Del Monte launches #DMPINEAPPLEADAY advocacy

QUEZON CITY – To continue its tradition of providing its consumers with fresh and healthy products, Del Monte, the 89-year-old food manufacturing company launches its new battlecry: #DMPINEAPPLEADAY.

With this advocacy, Del Monte encourages parents to feed their kids meals infused with Del Monte Pineapples everyday. And this is not a suggestion that is based merely on a hunch but on the findings that the fruit consumption among Filipinos has dropped by 50% according to the 7th National Nutrition Survey. It is also hinged on a study by Dr. Leonora Panlasigui published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism.

The study established a positive relationship between the consumption of canned pineapples and the development of a stronger immune response against bacterial and viral infection in school-aged children.


It was conducted by randomly dividing selected school children into three groups. Two groups were given regular servings of Del Monte Pineapple with varying serving sizes (1 serving and 2 servings respectively). The third group served as the control and was not given any fruit. The groups that were given pineapples showed an increase in granulocyte count, which may have helped in decreasing incidences of infection, as well as in shortening recovery time.

“Even a single serving of fruit a day could make all the difference with your child’s health,” says Dr. Panlasigui. “One serving is good, but the general consensus recommends two servings a day. It’s not that hard to build a fun, tasty habit with the kids that will benefit them in the long run. You just have to start.”

Dr. Panlasigui also assures the consumers that even though processed food lose some of its nutritional components on the way, they get it all back once the food is fortified. She also reminds shoppers to always check the labels, especially the expiry date to make sure that every food you and your children eat is safe.

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