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Leo Burnett launches ‘Transfashion’ in Hongkong

And in the world outside Cannes, young Manila creatives have something new to be excited about: Transformers II hits theaters today, heralded by a striking full-coverage jacket on today’s Philippine Star.

In that spirit, we spotlight a campaign by Leo Burnett for Metersbonwe Group, one of China’s leading youth casual wear companies.   The campaign pokes fun at the mortal rivalry between the Autobots and the Decepticons. While the teaser phase of the outdoor campaign borrows from the original Transformers comic strips, the television campaign deftly combines Transformers film footage with additional shots, to poke fun at the animosity between the two groups. Visit the campaign microsite ( for product information in comic strip format, behind the scenes videos from the fashion shoots, and an application that lets you create your own DIY transformer, and then email it to friends.

Said Wei Wei Chen, Chairperson and CEO of Leo Burnett Group, Shanghai: “The first Transformer movie was a huge hit among the Chinese youth. We noticed that a lot of fans started sticking Autobot or Decepticon icons on their cars, laptops, and skateboards, as a way of expressing themselves. We decided to play on the division between supporters of these two camps and let people express their lifestyle and passion by association with one side or the other.”


Metersbonwe’s slogan “Be Different” surely translates to the movie’s title, in that peculiar Chinese way. So where is Shia LaBeouf?

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