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Brand & Business: AppsFlyer and TikTok For Business release a complete guide for advertisers with best practices for iOS 14+

SINGAPORE — AppsFlyer, in collaboration with TikTok For Business, today released a comprehensive guide to help marketers configure their customers’ user journey on iOS14+. ‘How to win on iOS 14+ with AppsFlyer and TikTok For Business: The complete guide’, serves to help businesses navigate disruptions in app marketing. This is done by analyzing and optimizing ads in the most effective way, to source new growth opportunities. AppsFlyer and TikTok For Business have partnered to provide advertisers with best practices for iOS 14+ in the new era of privacy, with easy-to-use and scalable privacy-first solutions.

The inception of the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework in April 2021 has changed the way the mobile app ecosystem works across the value chain. From app marketers to developers, industry players have been trying to decode and reimagine marketing measurement. This guide aims to help businesses overcome the implementation parameters of ATT prompt to continue leveraging data-driven marketing.

According to AppsFlyer data, the ATT prompt has so far been implemented in 65% of apps globally, and at a user level, the opt-in rate is at 46%. From a pure user experience perspective, this number is quite significant, showing that many users are amenable to “tracking,” in return for a more personalized experience.


“iOS 14 has ushered in a new era of privacy-centric marketing within the mobile ecosystem. As the industry continues to adapt to these changes, it is crucial that data accuracy and user privacy continue to coexist,” said Tan Tmangraksat, Director of Partner Development, SEAPAC, AppsFlyer. “Marketers who are fast to evolve and roll-out privacy-centric solutions will reap the benefits in both the short and long term. For our part, AppsFlyer is always looking to facilitate limitless collaboration between marketers and solution providers. This is powered by safeguarded data and technology innovations. We are thrilled to launch this insightful guide and further provide the larger ecosystem with seamless enablement capabilities,” he added.

TikTok For Business is an AppsFlyer integrated partner, providing app owners with the ability to measure mobile attribution objectives with AppsFlyer. “Through the launch of this joint playbook with AppsFlyer, we break down how iOS 14+ impacts campaigns and provide actionable recommendations and solutions for our community of marketers,” said Adrian Man, Director of Ecosystem Partnerships, APAC, TikTok. ”From TikTok’s Dedicated iOS 14+ Campaign solution to guidelines for set up and optimization, we hope that these best practices will continue to guide our community, and inspire marketers to create a more engaging and safe environment for our users across the world,” he added.

The SKAdNetwork (SKAN) lets advertisers measure campaign performance while simultaneously preserving user privacy. SKAN operates without IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) or other advertising ID and without the need for ATT consent. Though there are limitations to SKAN features, according to the guide published by AppsFlyer and TikTok For Business, there are three different avenues marketers can use to make the most of these SKAN limited features: Revenue, In-App Events, and Funnel. With the help of Conversion Studio, a flexible, first-to-market tool, marketers can easily map conversion values with an intuitive visual interface.

Additionally, there are also solutions for a privacy-first iOS set up. For advertisers that face fragmented and time-consuming challenges when updating each platform’s requirement on iOS14+ campaigns, the report suggested working with a partner that provides Advanced Privacy solutions. For AppsFlyer’s Advance Privacy solution, it hands over to advertisers complete control of data, helping them decide how it’s collected, managed, and used by partners through access permissions that are easy to navigate.

2022, will be a year where the advertising and marketing industry focuses intently on privacy as the iOS updates will only evolve further. Get to know more about iOS14+, ATT, and SKAN through the complete guide that you can download through this link.

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