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Wendy’s joins forces with Adspin Advertising & Digital Spin to promote real goodness

MANILA – Wendy’s has named Adspin Advertising and Digital Spin as its creative partners in crafting seamlessly integrated above-the-line and digital campaigns that communicate the real story of Wendy’s. 

Founded by the same creative and entrepreneurial minds of Vincent Tanjutco and Gayle Certeza, Adspin Advertising and Digital Spin have a unique rapport that comes from sharing the same leadership, work ethics, and passion for the work.

This January, they rolled out their first work for their new client, promoting one of the international food chain’s biggest deals, Wendy’s ‘5 for 125,’ which sent customers by droves straight to Wendy’s hankering for “5 big tastes” and “5x the satisfaction.” 


Both agencies are on a mission to expose the truth behind Wendy’s fresh and authentic taste through Wendy’s Real Stories. The Wendy’s Real Stories campaign is continuous and interwoven storytelling that takes place between the moment you go inside the store, the moment you go out, and the moment you go online.

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