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Jade’s Temple Brewery expands its reach to Western Visayas

PANGLAO, BOHOL — Jade’s Temple Brewery, a renowned local brewery, has expanded into Western Visayas. With a commitment to delivering exceptional, non-traditional brews, Jade’s Temple Brewery introduced its most-anticipated collection of craft beers to the beer lovers and non-beer lovers of the region.

Known for its dedication to quality, innovation, and flavor, Jade’s Temple Brewery earned a reputation for crafting beers that captivate the five senses. Spearheaded by its partners Sparrow’s Nest (Panglao, Bohol) and Sobremesa Trading (Negros Province and Siquijor), everyone in the region will now have the opportunity to indulge in the remarkable flavors and experience the craftsmanship that Jade’s Temple Brewery offers.


“We are thrilled to bring the exceptional taste of our craft to the community of Western Visayas, hopefully our partners’ trust (Mr. Peter & Mr. Carlos) will be rewarded with a very fruitful year ahead,” said Dea Suyosa, Founder and Head Brewer. “Our mission has always been to push the boundaries of brewing and crafting flavorful, non-traditional, artisanal beers that use all natural Ingredients, no enhancers, and pure malt. We are excited to share our passion and expertise for variety in the selection, tailor-fitting to the palate of these regions.”

During the distribution launch, the brewery also caught the attention of award-winning gastronomic Chef Jenzel Fontilla and is now part of their selections at BE Grand Hotel’s The Monkey Bar.

The expansion into Western Visayas includes strategic partnerships with local distributors and establishments, enabling Jade’s Temple Brewery’s Craft Beers to be readily available in resorts, bars, and restaurants throughout the region. This development allows everyone to enjoy the exceptional flavors of Jade’s Temple Brewery in their favorite social settings.

To celebrate this expansion, Jade’s Temple Brewery will be hosting launch events and beer tastings in various locations across Western Visayas. These events will provide an opportunity for beer enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the community at large to experience the unique flavors and immerse themselves in the world of local craft beers.

Follow Jade’s Temple Brewery on Facebook and Instagram and visit its website for upcoming events, distribution updates, and promotions.

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