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VJ7 Printing and Packaging Inc. expands with new building to enhance production services

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — VJ7 Printing and Packaging Inc. has always been dedicated to meeting the interests of its clients, its workforce, and the environment. This is why the printing company has recently completed another expansion for the business with a newly erected four-story building so that VJ7 Printing may make the most of its capabilities.

The bigger space allows VJ7 Printing to maximize all its machinery and have a dedicated area for each printing service. The company also recently acquired top-quality printing machines that allow them to develop better end-to-end production systems while ensuring consistent quality output. These new changes were investments that the company saw necessary in moving forward with as the new space and machinery allowed for an improvement in overall efficiency and production flow.

VJ7 Printing’s new building doesn’t just allow for more efficiency and more machinery, however. It also gives the company the space and resources that they need in order to ensure that its employees are being taken care of and that everyone can work comfortably. With the new building, after all, came better lighting, ventilation systems, and provisions for workers during break times.


The expansion also included the installment of the company’s new Wastewater Treatment Facility and the enhancement of its Materials Recovery Facility, both of which were done as part of VJ7 Printing’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

VJ7 Printing has excelled and reached many new heights since its humble beginnings as a go-to printer shop for a local university in Valenzuela, and the company’s new facilities that will enable it to further serve its team and partners are both a testament to that evolution and an opportunity for more growth.

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