Guest Contributor: Theda Braddock

Take a classic song with a universal message, re-mix and use in ad campaign. It might seem like a trite formula but it works just right in Leo Burnett’s new film “The Future” for Samsung, which uses “Que Será Será” to showcase what will be in terms of tech. The 1-minute spot continues the brand’s “Do What You Can’t” tagline, and pledges that what Samsung is doing today will let us create the future. The forward thinking philosophy is a mantra for the brand, which is gearing up for what its promises to be a transformative year.

Today, Samsung is readying 5G products and foldable display technology. Tomorrow (or soon) we’ll be able to do what the characters in the “The Future” are doing. A young girl watching a digital animation on a window, a fashion designer using an interactive mirror, a robot inking in a tattoo artist’s design in real-time, a same-sex couple using their phone to perform an ultrasound, and video gamers battling it out with IRL objects – a relatively diverse casting that demonstrates an array of technological possibilities in a variety of contexts. The characters hum along to the cheerful airiness of Doris Day’s voice, a juxtaposition that demonstrates the message’s timelessness and builds excitement for tomorrow.



Advertiser: Samsung Global

Pio Schunker: EVP, Global Head Brand Marketing

Sonia Chang: VP, Global Brand Marketing

Yeji Kim: Senior Manager

Daniel Kim: Senior Manager

Alison Han: Senior Manager


Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago

Chief Creative Officer Worldwide: Mark Tutssel

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