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Campaign Spotlight: Ogilvy’s Voice Doodler lets families create their own storybooks with their voices, in partnership with Wyeth Illuma 

SHANGHAI, CHINA — With schools closed indefinitely due to COVID-19, the need for early childhood education digital resources has never been greater. As it drives parents to search for new and more innovative ways to entertain and stimulate their kids’ growing minds, and as a partner of parents, Wyeth Nutrition China knew this was the perfect time to help.



Ogilvy, in collaboration with Wyeth’s premium infant formula brand Illuma, launched the “Voice Doodler,” a one-of-a-kind mobile experience on WeChat that lets parents and children create their own digital storybooks using nothing but their voice.

At the touch of a button, users can narrate their stories and see their words transformed into animated illustrations in real-time. Using a combination of speech recognition technology and machine learning, the “Voice Doodler” enables a revolutionary and personalized storytelling experience, and a whole new way to help children nurture their imagination and unleash their inner talent.

The stories are also sharable, giving families separated by lockdowns and travel bans a way to connect.

“We are proud to work with our long-lasting partner Wyeth to provide a solution with tangible value for parents and children during these uncertain times. By leveraging the integration of creativity and technology, the campaign elevates the traditional early childhood learning experience to a new level and treads a new path for innovation in storytelling,” said Yong Yuan, president of Ogilvy Shanghai.

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