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AD STARS 2019: Philippine Agencies and Their Iconic Campaigns Win at This Year’s AD STARS

BUSAN, KOREA – After extensive deliberations, AD STARS Jury members have finally chosen winners from the initial 20,645 entries and 1,652 finalists. The Philippines is said to have the most entries to AD STARS, and those who bagged awards are from Philippines agencies’ TBWA\SANTIAGO MANGADA PUNO, Leo Burnett Group ManilaBBDO Guerrero, and DDB Group Philippines. The four agencies are going home with metals for their respective campaigns.

“This is a Tree” has the most number of awards for a campaign, while TBWA\SANTIAGO MANGADA PUNO has the most metals among the winning Philippine agencies.

The Philippine campaigns that won at this year’s AD STARS are the following:


Title: This is a Tree
Advertiser: Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines Inc.
Awards: Design (Product & Service) – 1 Silver; Design (Communication Design) – 1 Gold; Media (Product & Service) – 1 Crystal; Outdoor (Product & Service) – 1 Silver; Outdoor (Product & Service) – 1 Bronze; Outdoor (Outdoor Craft) – 1 Bronze; Outdoor (Outdoor Craft) – 1 Bronze; Green – 1 Bronze; Branded Information Video – 1 Bronze

TBWA\SANTIAGO MANGADA PUNO’s iconic campaign, “This is a Tree,” for Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines Inc. took home a number of metals coming from different categories, showing both its purpose and design. The campaign used Boysen’s Knoxout to paint artworks along highways in Manila. Not only did the artworks add beauty to its surroundings because one square meter of the paint surface is said to be equivalent to one fully grown tree, therefore reducing air pollution in the city.

Title: Liliosa Hilao
Advertiser: The Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacanang or CARMMA
Awards: Film (Product & Service) – 1 Bronze; Film (Film Craft) – 1 Silver

If only the dead could speak. This is what CARMMA along with TBWA\SANTIAGO MANGADA PUNO try to show in “Liliosa Hilao.” In the video, student journalist Hilao, narrates in great detail how she was taken from home, tortured, and killed in the time of Martial Law in the Philippines. The campaign is a reminder of the atrocities that happened under then-president Ferdinand Marcos, and how we should never forget.

Title: BayBayan
Advertiser: Cultural Center of the Philippines
Awards: Design (Product & Service)- 1 Silver; Design (Communication Design) – 1 Gold, 1 Silver

As part of the Cultural Center of the Philippines 50th-anniversary celebration, they had TBWA\SANTIAGO MANGADA PUNO craft an official font for them. The result is the BayBayan,” which combines the pre-colonial Baybayin with our current alphabet.

Title: Doodelivery
Agency: Leo Burnett Group Manila
Advertiser: McDonald’s Philippines
Awards: Mobile (Use of Mobile) – 1 Crystal

For a limited period of time, McDonald’s let their customers show their doodling skills on Instagram through “Doodelivery.” Drawing the food they want to order and posting it on Instagram Stories have become their form of taking orders for delivery. The campaign proved to be fun and innovative as the customers let their creativity go wild.

Title: Tokushu
Agency: Leo Burnett Group Manila
Advertiser: BDO Unibank, Inc.
Awards: Film (Product & Service) – 1 Bronze; Film (Film Craft) – 1 Crystal

Separated from their homes and families, the life of an Overseas Filipino Worker can be lonely. This is what Leo Burnett Group Manila show in “Tokushu.” The film follows a Filipino woman working as a Tokushu Seiso in Japan. She reflects on the loneliness she feels as an OFW but at the end, she is reminded that there is no hardship she wouldn’t go through for her family.

Agency: DDB Group Philippines
Awards: Film (Film Craft) – 1 Bronze

To remind men that catcalling is a form of sexual harassment, DDB Group Philippines changes the lyrics of some iconic songs from our childhood into messages against catcalling. There are three jingles under the “Macho Choir” campaign: “Sit(sirit)sit,” “P.T.B.U,” and “T(s)ong t(s)ong”

Title: Snickers – Wrong World Finals
Agency: BBDO Guerrero
Advertiser: Mars Wrigley Confectionary
Awards: Design (Communication Design) – 1 Silver; Interactive (Use of Interactive) – 1 Silver

To advertise Snickers in the World Cup 2018 without breaking the FIFA guidelines, BBDO Guerrero urged viewers to create alternatives to the words “World Cup Finals.” The results are ingenious and funny, and they were turned into posters that were posted in sports bars to remind people to grab a Snickers. 

Congratulations to all the awardees!

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