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Brand & Business: TBWA\India launches Weapon – Its data practice

MUMBAI, INDIA – TBWA\India launches “Weapon” – the data practice designed to solve key growth problems and challenges CEOs grapple with. Weapon brings Disruption® alive with a  mix of creativity and data to solve the growth, profitability and efficiency challenges of today’s organisation in an increasingly complex and ever-changing business landscape. 

Vishwajit Vyas joins TBWA\India as head of Weapon, with immediate effect. Vishwajit will be responsible for developing and delivering TBWA\India’s data strategy while working closely with the global collective, leveraging TBWA’s unique capabilities to implement intelligence, which will continue to shape its clients’ thinking and execution across the marketing and advertising value chain.  


“TBWA is on a continuous journey to find new avenues through which we can deliver disruptive growth for our clients. Weapon is our way to be strategic partners to our clients throughout the value chain,” said Govind Pandey, CEO of TBWA\India. “Our  deep consumer focus, cultural creative design – now combined with our expertise in  data-led insights and execution – is critical in framing and answering the key growth  questions that every CEO has.” 

With his experience at high growth startups, Vishwajit is well respected in the data analytics world, leading large teams for clients across tech, banking, financial services and insurance, healthcare, retail, and consumer packaged goods. He has led the development of new products and services that met the analytic needs of Fortune  500 companies and has been on founder teams developing strategic initiatives for long-term business growth.  

Vishwajit joins from Automation Anywhere, a leading robotic process automation company. Prior to this, he spent five years working at Mu Sigma, the leading big data analytics and decision sciences company, across many roles spanning delivery,  product and strategy, and the founder’s office. Vishwajit has a BS in Electrical  Engineering from Wayne State University, USA. He has completed is MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Raipur, and has been a research scholar at Cornell  University, USA.  

Said Vishwajit; The CEO is faced with a multitude of factors that are affecting brand performance and growth. The ever-changing customer needs and behaviours across channels have necessitated the use of data in creative and meaningful ways. At the same time, the need for a nuanced understanding of the customer and the market is ever present. 

“Weapon is an opportunity to become a trusted partner of the CEO, helping them articulate the problem, define it with data, design a solution, and finally execute it efficiently at a tactical level. 

“TBWA has an opportunity to use data as a lever to drive disruptive thinking and solutions. The unique consumer-centric point of view, enhanced with a data-driven thought process, is a gamechanger in the industry and TBWA is well-positioned to serve this need effectively.  

“I’m excited to join TBWA and partner some of the biggest and best brands in India – helping fuel the level of innovation and strategic thinking we can offer our clients and  finding opportunities to unlock growth using the power of data,” concluded Vishwajit.  

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