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BREAKING NEWS: Social & Influencer Lions shortlist announced: US tops with 83 entries, BBDO New York leads with 24

CANNES – Almost half of the Social & Influencer shortlist goes to the US with 83 entries, followed by the UK with 18 and Germany with 11.

BBDO New York nailed 24 spots in the shortlist. The campaign ‘Live Looper’ for Downtown Records is shortlisted under six categories: Media/Entertainment, Innovative Use of Community, Content Creation, Content Placement, Social Video, and Low Budget/High Impact Campaign.

It is followed by ‘Music Liberates’ and ‘Snapchat Music Video’ for Bacardi, and ‘The Talk’ for P&G which nailed four spots each in the shortlist.


The complete list of Social & Influencer Lions shortlist can be viewed here: 

Social & Influencer Lions Shortlist by adobo magazine on Scribd

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