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Cannes Lions 2019: Burger King is Named as the First Ever Cannes Lions Creative Brand of the Year

Proving to be an unstoppable force brand, Burger King sweeps this year’s Cannes Lions Festival, winning the first ever Cannes Lions Creative Brand of the Year award, alongside Nike and IKEA which placed second and third, respectively. Announced as a new special award a few months before the event, it aims to recognize and celebrate brands that use creativity with the right amount of bravery to drive their business forward.

“The Creative Brand of the Year award is designed to recognise the creative risks that individual brands take to distinguish their product in different regions around the world. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the bravery and forward thinking of both the individual brand and the offices within agencies that work directly on that brand producing ever more creative ideas.” said Simon Cook, Managing Director, Cannes Lions in a statement announcing the new special award on the Cannes Lions page.


The award proves that Global Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King, Fernando Machado knows how taking a risk is to completely differentiate a brand from its competitors can be rewarding. “Be afraid. Be very afraid. But do it”, as he said at the 4As CreativeFest 2019 in Manila.

Known for their bold, risky, but brilliant and humorous campaigns, Burger King’s partnership with different agencies such as the award-winning “Whopper Detour” with FCB New York, “Burn That Ad” with DAVID Sao Paulo, and “#EatLikeAndy” Superbowl commercial with DAVID Miami, consist of the perfect recipe made out of consumer data, media, and technology that consistently drive the brand to its creative success.

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