For the people behind News5, the news is about much more than what viewers watch on TV. Most of the difficult work is actually done off-camera, long before or even after the newscast airs, and often by people who the public never sees onscreen.


News5 launched its new campaign, focusing on the theme DUTY. The sixteen different plugs, altogether, illustrate how everyone in News5 – from the anchors, to the cameramen, to even the drivers – is committed to providing Filipinos with complete, accurate, and relevant information and concrete action, even if it means going far beyond what the job requires.


However, although they are united in that goal, each of them has a different way of achieving it. What do the News5 anchors – each with their own unique personality, opinions, and advocacies – consider their duty as news professionals?


Luchi Cruz-Valdes, Head of News5

“Duty ng journalist ang iulat lahat ng dapat malaman ng tao, kahit ‘yung sa tingin nila, hindi nila kailangang malaman. Always search for and report only the truth. Truth is unchanging. Truth is forever.”


Ed Lingao, Aksyon Tonite

“On my own time, I fight for principles I think are indisputable. Somebody has to push back. Hindi ko ‘yun trabaho, pero duty ko ‘yun. Kaya ako, I will push back.”


Raffy Tulfo, Aksyon Tanghali

“Pinasok ko ang public service dahil mula sa pagkabata, ‘yan ang turo ng nanay ko. Duty ko ‘yan…hindi lang bilang isang Pilipino, kundi bilang masunuring anak.”


Cheryl Cosim, Aksyon Tonite

“Mahalaga sa’king makatulong sa kapwa – duty ko ‘yun. The smallest good deed can make a big difference in the lives of Filipinos.”


Lourd De Veyra, Aksyon

“Nag-e-enjoy akong mag-salaysay ng kwento nating mga Pilipino. I feel it’s my duty to narrate the continuing story of the nation.”


Marga Vargas, Aksyon Tanghali

“Helping others shouldn’t be counted on an invisible score board; I do it because it’s the right thing to do. Because it’s my duty.”


MJ Marfori, Aksyon

“I’m happy to be the medium through which people access information. Duty ko ‘yan sa mga Pilipino. They deserve the truth.”


Renz Ongkiko, Aksyon

“I’ve learned to appreciate sport’s ability to uplift people’s lives. I truly believe that my duty is not just to tell stories, but to make a difference.”