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Brand & Business: INNOCEAN Worldwide Launches its “Second Leap” by Acquiring Global Digital Company Wellcom Group

INNOCEAN Worldwide has agreed to acquire Wellcom Group, a digital company with a global presence in the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, etc. With Wellcom Group, which retains global companies as clients, joining as a new family member, INNOCEAN is spurring a second leap in the global market with its differentiated digital capabilities.

On July 31, INNOCEAN(Global CEO Kun-Hee Ahn) announced to acquire Wellcom Group Limited, a digital marketing solutions group headquartered in Australia to secure digital-centric future growth and  expand its global network.

Wellcom Group has been expanding its global operations over the years and currently runs eight subsidiaries in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific area.


In particular, Wellcom Group provides digital creative content production, social media strategies and digital marketing services for leading global companies. Retail/food(Tesco, Coles, Tempur-Sealy, etc.), finance/communications(ANZ Bank, Telstra etc.), fashion/beauty(Victoria’s Secret, The Body Shop,  Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal, etc.) are among the leading global brand clients of Wellcom Group.

Not only that, Wellcom Group boasts an exclusive platform developed in-house allowing clients to conveniently track project progress and manage content assets. This unique cloud-based software offers customized solutions tailored to the needs of each client and provides reliable services with increased efficiency and transparency.

An INNOCEAN official stated, “Wellcom Group has a number of brand campaign strategists and digital creative professionals, which makes it an expert group that’s capable of creating its own contents specialized in web, mobile, social media and so on.”

Along with this, the company’s “on-site” service, which allows prompt and efficient communications in the field as Wellcom Group’s personnel are dispatched to client’s office, is Wellcom Group’s strength that helps build strong mutual trust relationships with clients.

As a result of these various differentiated digital capabilities, Wellcom Group entered the UK market in 2007, followed by its entry to the US market in 2015. With this acquisition, INNOCEAN will significantly enhance its global digital creative capabilities and be able to showcase its enterprise-wide integrated service model.

INNOCEAN said, “In the US market, Wellcom Group adds digital production, content and execution capabilities to the existing strategic and planning capabilities of INNOCEAN Worldwide Americas(IWA) and media agency capabilities of Canvas Worldwide(CWW), thus establishing a digital-based integrated service system.” It went on to say that “As we are now able to advance beyond the original US base in the west to the eastern New York area, we will be endeavoring to target the world’s largest advertising market.”

Moreover, all signs lead to INNOCEAN’s successful expansion of global non-captive portfolio and new market entry. Wellcom Group has a large number of global brands as clients in the retail, finance, fashion and beauty sectors throughout the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, etc. With the acquisition, INNOCEAN will secure a large number of new global clients, and plans to further strengthen its non-captive portfolio more actively in collaboration with Wellcom Group.

Similarly, by taking advantage of Wellcom Group’s global presence, INNOCEAN will explore new markets service such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and New Zealand where it has not yet entered. Following the acquisition of Wellcom Group, INNOCEAN will expand its global network to 19 countries, 28 operations(Korean HQ + 27 overseas operations) and over 2,700 employees.

Global CEO of INNOCEAN Kun-Hee Ahn said, “Thanks to Wellcom Group, INNOCEAN’s digital marketing value chain is now complete,” adding, “By maximizing the synergy between the Korean HQ and overseas operations, we will stand as a truly global leading company in the digital transformation era.”

Meanwhile, following the acquisition last year of David&Goliath(D&G), a local creative agency in the US, INNOCEAN has been strengthening its global capabilities and expanding market presence by winning Heineken account.

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