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D&AD 2019: Political, Societal and Cultural Influences Impacting Creativity Today are Explored in the Annual D&AD Industry Insights Report

D&AD has released its annual Industry Report exploring key trends that are shaping the creative industries. The full report can be viewed here.

Researched using 2018 D&AD award-winning work, the report identifies changes and patterns in consumer behaviour, brand and businesses’ responses, and the role of technology as an influencing force and enabling tool for advertisers, communicators and creatives.

Within the 2019 report, the key trends fall under three themes:

  1. What it means to be human

  2. The impact of increasingly fractured societies

  3. How technology is changing the way we access and share information

Trends emerging from these themes include how brands and businesses are increasingly participating in mindfulness and mental health, the differing ways advertisers are responding to political, social and environmental issues, and the role of human creativity in leveraging technology as a platform and tool to create ideas that reach and engage audiences with impactful, creative communication.

The trends conclude with opportunity takeaways designed to act as guiding principles and thought starters for people to apply to their own work.

Dave Birss, creative consultant and author of the D&AD Insights Report, comments: “Our research identifies the movements and forces that are having the biggest influence on current creative work. It’s not about showing the bandwagons and hip design trends that are sweeping the industry. Instead, it’s looking at what’s happening in the wider environment and showing how these developments are creating opportunities for impactful work. The report showcases great examples of this and talks about the opportunities that are still relatively untapped. As always, changes, threats and new developments in technology offer a world of creative opportunities for those willing to put in the work. We hope that the report inspires creatives to respond to the world around them in imaginative ways to offer powerful solutions that enhance people’s lives in 2019 and beyond.”

Paul Drake, Foundation Director at D&AD, comments “D&AD Pencil-winning work is intrinsically linked to politics, society, and culture, and it is this work on which our benchmark for creative excellence is built. Seismic shifts in how people perceive and express themselves, access and share information, and participate in political and social issues are having a noticeable effect on the creative industries. Not only does the work provide valuable insights into how brands, businesses and consumers are responding, it also informs and shapes the programmes, initiatives, and, ultimately, D&AD’s role as an education provider for the creative community.”

Based on the analysis of over 25,000 pieces of creative work submitted to the 2018 D&AD Awards, the report will be updated again following the 2019 Awards and released alongside the next edition D&AD Annual in September.

The D&AD Awards Ceremony will take place on the final day of the three-day D&AD Festival, which returns 21 – 23 May 2019 at The Old Truman Brewery, London. An exhibition of shortlisted and Pencil-winning work will be on display during the Festival.

D&AD Awards Ceremony and Festival tickets are on sale now at www.dandad.org/festival


Key dates:

16 – 20 May 2019 – D&AD Awards Judging

18 – 20 May 2019 – D&AD Awards Shortlists announced

20 May 2019 – D&AD Awards Black Pencil Judging

21 – 23 May 2019 – D&AD Festival, London

23 May 2019 – D&AD Awards Ceremony, London

September 2019 – D&AD Annual Launch, London


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