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PwC named Amongst Large Digital Experience Agencies in Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE – PwC was named as a large digital experience (DX) agency in the Asia Pacific region by Forrester in their Overview of 31 Digital Experience Agencies in Asia Pacific, Now Tech: Digital Experience Agencies In Asia Pacific, Q3 2018.

The report emphasises that “successfully implementing consistent digital experiences across touchpoints and channels cannot happen in silos,” and notes that “92% of global DX decision makers work with service providers.” Forrester defines DX agencies as: Partners that can help companies design, build, and manage digital customer experiences in the context of their digital business transformation.

Forrester outlines the impetus for their study, “You can use digital experience (DX) agencies to design, build, and manage digital customer experiences (CX). But to access these benefits, you’ll first have to select from a diverse set of vendors that vary by size, functionality, geography, and industry focus. Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals should use Forrester’s Now Tech report to understand the value they can expect from a DX agency and select a provider based on heritage, focus, capabilities, and culture.”


Forrester advises leveraging a DX agency to:

  • Ensure that your CX truly reflects your brand promise.
  • Enhance strategy and innovation capabilities.
  • Nurture a DX culture and skills.

Forrester based inclusion in the report on having a significant presence in two or more AP countries. Firms that met this criteria were then segmented into three categories, based on revenue generated in the region.

PwC was listed under Large Digital Experience agencies in Asia Pacific, which is defined as US$150 million in DX revenue generated in Asia Pacific.

Per the report, PwC’s primary functionality segment in DX is business services. Their primary geographic presence in Asia Pacific was noted as being in Australia/New Zealand, Japan and Greater China. Forrester noted PwC’s vertical market focus as primarily in financial services, retail and government.

Said Pierre Legrand, Digital Services Leader and Chief Technologist, PwC’s South East Asia Consulting:

“Doing business in today’s landscape has changed, with technology as the great leveller, disruptor and enabler. The rhetoric is everywhere – reinvent yourself or the market will, ending your business swiftly and painfully. At PwC, our BXT (Business eXperience Technology) focus is at the forefront of how we approach forward-looking client needs. When partnering with our clients, we aim to develop visionary experiences and products that extend well beyond digital and the latest technologies while moving away from traditional “powerpoint” outcomes. We want to transcend common consulting outputs and deliver immersive experiences that re-frame what our clients imagine as possible.”

“This is all made possible by our talented team who have been carefully selected. Led by our Chief Creative Officer, Dominic Stallard, we have handpicked some of the very best creatives, technologists and industry experts from around the world. This team are deeply committed to ensuring our clients are always comfortable and relaxed while working to solve their most complex business imperatives.”

Said Sundara Raj, CEO, PwC’s South East Asia Consulting:

“Typically, when businesses work with business consultants to ‘innovate’, what happens is usually a feasibility or market entry study. What we aim to do is go way beyond studies, surveys or even brainstorming to the actual prototyping, testing or even piloting of genuinely new ideas. We are talking about creating solutions that currently don’t exist.

“The PwC Experience Centre aims to enable our consultants to help businesses in the region disruptively transform by providing perspectives on user experiences alongside effective business strategies and emerging technologies – literally bringing our methodology of business, experience and technology to life all within one location. The goal is disruption; the goal is gamechanging.”

PwC’s Experience Centres around the world combine people, co-creative processes and a collaborative environment to reframe, visualise, and rapidly bring to life the future for an organisation – in everything from creating a new product or service to reinventing how a company operates or launching an entirely new business. PwC Experience Centres in Asia Pacific can be found in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Auckland, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Delhi, Bangalore, Tokyo, Singapore.

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