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Y&R Hong Kong introduces Goldfish crackers through a catchy TVC

HONG KONG – A 53-year-old brand, and the number one kids’ crackers in the United States is entering the Hong Kong market for the first time.

To launch Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers, Y&R Hong Kong created a fun and friendly TV commercial with an animated fish as its star with a catchy jingle that children would definitely want to sing along to. The agency wanted to position Goldfish as a loveable buddy for kids and a trusted snack that parents could give to their children.


“Usually, with big, well-known clients such as Goldfish, local agencies simply adapt assets from global,” said Chan. “However, we wanted to ‘resist the usual’ by creating our own materials for Hong Kong. We conducted extensive background research on children and parents here to create targeted and relevant ads, suited to local tastes. We’re very glad to have had our client’s trust and be given the opportunity to make this happen,” explained Arthur Chan, Account Director, Y&R Hong Kong.

In just two weeks after the TVC was uploaded to Youtube, it has already gained 200,000 views.

“Nowadays both children and parents in Hong Kong are under great pressure with busy school schedules or extra-curricular activities. A commercial with lovely animation and a memorable tune not only grasps attention and soft-sells the product in a more effective way but, hopefully, also adds a little sparkle to people’s busy lives and relieves their stress,” added Patrick Wong, Creative Director of Y&R Hong Kong.

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