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Check out this week’s best ad moments — a DIY birthday song, a duet between generations, and more

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The creative industry is brimming with tons of amazing ideas, so it’s no surprise that there’s never a shortage of great campaigns to admire and celebrate.

From gripping stories and new perspectives that embody what a brand stands for to new fun ways people can engage with a brand, here are campaigns that caught adobo Magazine’s eye this week:

Because protection is a non-negotiable

This isn’t like any other condom commerical. When a man realizes, just when he and his date are about to get intimate, that he’s out of condoms in this Skyn ad by UltraSuperNew Tokyo, his cozy night in turns into a quest to obtain a new pack. He goes out in the middle of the night, zooming past streets, fighting off people, and surpassing obstacles on this bizarrely intense hunt as if it was a matter of life or death. While it’s not the case in reality, the ad shows us the lengths people will go to save the mood, because no Skyn means no love. 


Making birthdays even more special

The happy birthday song is a staple part of the celebration. What if you can make the occasion even more special for a loved one by adding a personal touch to the classic song? With Ogilvy and Cadbury Celebrations’ “My Birthday Song” campaign, you can now generate a unique song for the celebrant. Just fill up the prompts on the microsite with the special things that make them who they are, choose a genre, and pick a singer, and before you know it, you have a one-a-kind song for your loved one. 

A musical reunion made possible through tech

There are things that go beyond generations and time, like love and music. Decades after the untimely death of legendary Brazilian singer Elis Regina, AlmapBBDO unites her with her daughter Maria Rita through the power of AI. In the Volkswagen do Brasil ad, Maria drives the electric version of the Kombi down the road and her mother pulls up to drive next to her driving the classic model from her time, letting them enjoy a beautiful, musical moment that transcends time.

It’s time to bridge the gender gap in sports 

Because women have been so often excluded when it comes to sports, there are so many resources and so much support available to male athletes that sportswomen don’t get. These include vital lessons about their sport. For the Games Of Our Lives foundation’s latest campaign, 180 Amsterdam sent football kits to women footballers around the world in celebration of this year’s World Cup. The kits aren’t just a way to support their journeys as athletes, rather, they also reveal lessons that are hidden away from them as women in sports.

Get the full experience of your future home

It’s a big commitment to buy a house. Regardless of how comprehensive the house tour is or how much you read about its specs and features, no amount of knowledge on it can ever give justice to what it’s like to live there. This is why Gigil and Profriends are now hosting the country’s first free overnight house trials are the houses on sale. Potential buyers can now live out what their day-to-day will be like should they close that deal, from the ins and outs of living on property to getting to know and immerse themselves in the community. 

Here’s a look back at adobo Magazine’s weekly campaign picks. 

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