Today in #Instagramgoals, we take a look at the clever illustrations and one liner stories that make up the feed of DDB Singapore’s group ECD, Joji Jacob.

Doodling, for Joji, is something that he has done on and off all of his life but started doing them regularly about a year ago. He doodles on blank business cards with a rotring pen. “I do them at lunch time and after work when my kid goes to bed. I find doing these drawings almost therapeutic and also a good workout for the brain.”

Here are Joji’s ten absolute favorite doodles made much more interesting by his captions:

“I’m not particularly religious, but I’m a big fan of churches.”

“Bananas are the new horses.”

“What’s the matter with you? Never seen an elephant with a truck?”

“When your excuse for reaching work late is traffic.”

“Fishing for compliments.”

“What Monday feels like.”

“True story. My friends pet turtle is called peanut.”

“Priests cast big shadow.”


“Sad, but true.”

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