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SK-II empowers women to #ChangeDestiny

SINGAPORE – SK-II unveiled a new brand philosophy #ChangeDestiny with the launch of its biggest empowerment campaign to date. Developed by Leo Burnett teams in Singapore and Tokyo and shot by Indy8, the global launch film features acclaimed ballet dancer Misa Kuranaga. Holding the honor of being the first Asian to become Boston Ballet’s principle dancer, Kuranaga’s life story of defying the odds to achieve professional success takes center- stage in this inspiring video.

Her story perfectly exemplifies the philosophy behind #ChangeDestiny, SK-II’s latest campaign to inspire women to change their own destiny, regardless of the little “dictators” in their life.


“A recent study we conducted found that long term use of SK-II proves that it is possible to beat skin’s risks posed by DNA to go beyond the skin women have been born with. This insight inspired the core idea for #ChangeDestiny – which is all about challenging the belief that destiny is set at birth and celebrating women who have gone beyond limitations to achieve success. More importantly, #ChangeDestiny –which is deeply rooted in SK-II’s product truth – is hopefully the beginning of a positive movement to inspire women around the world,” said Kylene Campos, associate marketing director, global SK-II.

In this chapter of #ChangeDestiny, Misa shares the overwhelming challenges – or little “dictators” – she faced as she embarked on her career as a professional ballerina. Despite the immense challenges and rejection she faced, her grit and firm belief in taking control of her destiny contributed to her success today.

“Until now, the skincare category has always focused on women’s insecurities, we wanted to change that. #ChangeDestiny was created to inspire women to take a different view of destiny – to remind them that destiny is in your hands, in the decisions you make and the chances you take. To bring this idea to life, we needed a real story of a woman who took charge of her destiny. After a global search, we found her in the Boston Ballet. Misa’s life story of struggles, the demons she had to face and how she overcame it all, left everyone in the room with a lump in their throats. We knew then we had to take this story to the world,” said Delara Lalwani, creative director, Leo Burnett Singapore on the creative idea behind the campaign.

The #ChangeDestiny campaign aims to inspire women to take control of their destiny – whether in life or in their skin.

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