To add to their network of the year streak in Cannes Lions, BBDO’s network scored three slots in the Pioneer List of Contagious, a global ranking of agencies according to their excellence in marketing.

Colenso BBDO in Auckland ranked number one worldwide, followed by McCann at second and joined by AlmapBBDO, São Paulo and BBDO, New York at third and fourth rank respectively. Che Proximity completed the top 5.

The Contagious Pioneers List is compiled annually from a rigorous analysis of the work featured on the Contagious I/O platform and this year ranks Colenso BBDO as the #1 agency in the world.

Among the works of BBDO Colenso are the SelfieSTIX, Haunted M&Ms, and Backyard Burger King.

Pedigree SelfieSTIX

Backyard Burger King

Mars Haunted M&Ms from Colenso BBDO 

This year’s ranking also sees fellow Omnicom companies AlmapBBDO (#3), BBDO New York (#4) and CHE Proximity (#5) excel in the list of 10.
Alex Jenkins, Editorial Director at Contagious, mentions, “There is no shortcut to becoming a Contagious Pioneer agency other than consistently producing exceptional work for your clients. To be producing work that is regularly featured in Contagious is truly extraordinary and deserves credit and recognition.”
Paul Kemp-Robertson, Founder at Contagious, said “Since 2004, the Contagious editorial team has built a fiercely protected reputation for identifying the world’s most innovative, disruptive and agenda-setting ideas. For an agency to earn Pioneer status, it therefore takes bravery, ingenuity and consistent originality across a range of clients and categories. It’s a phenomenal achievement.”
Scott Coldham, Managing Director at Colenso BBDO, says, “We value Contagious’ impartial perspective on the most innovative and effective thinking on the planet hugely. To be ranked #1 is not only humbling, it’s a testament to the strength of our client partnerships, our approach to problem solving and ability to consistently deliver outstanding work and outcomes for our clients.”