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Brand & Business: BBDO Singapore and Tiktok to co-host ‘creative workshops’, learn from TikTok and creative experts

SINGAPORE – BBDO Singapore and TikTok are set to co-host ‘Creative Workshops’, a 2-day virtual workshop giving attendees the opportunity to learn from the TikTok and Creative Industry experts during the TikTok Trendsetter Awards 2020.

 The workshops are divided across two days of 1.5-hour sessions and are your one-stop-shop for anyone wishing to leverage TikTok to solve their marketing objectives in the new normal and digitally focused marketing world we find ourselves in today.


“People around the world have found a home for their creativity on TikTok. Now, we want to equip marketers with the same knowledge and skills to help them truly leverage the platform to solve real world marketing challenges,” said Ng Chew Wee, TikTok Head of Business Marketing. “These hands-on workshops are designed for both TikTok novices and experts, to empower marketers to drive effective and efficient campaigns on the platform for their brands.” 

Workshop 1 (Beginner)
th November 2020, 2pm (SGT):
TikTok Marketing Creative 101

Workshop 2 (Advanced)
th November 2020, 2pm (SGT):
Create Trendsetting Moments on TikTok

The workshops, led by Guan Hin, Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Asia along with Naomi Lam, Associate Planning Director BBDO Singapore and Alan Leong, TikTok SEA Creative Lab will cover everything from the basics of TikTok, learning tips and tricks to help users make impactful TikToks to achieve their business goals, to learning how to launch trends and drive high engagement. 

Attendees will be equipped with the tools to advanced storytelling and able to dive into the TikTok universe in no time, ready to tap into the leading destination for short-form mobile videos.

When asked about the importance of TikTok in today’s contemporary marketing, and what the purpose of the creative workshops is, Guan Hin shared, “Most brands think TikTok is just a platform for Gen Z to dance and sing. These workshops are designed to demystify this myth and demonstrate how TikTok’s creativity can help to solve their business challenges. By learning from other brands, with best-in-class TikTok trends and techniques, we can teach brands how to bring to life their marketing objectives on TikTok.”

To have a deeper understanding of how to leverage TikTok for marketing purposes, click here to sign up for the workshop:

The TikTok Creative Workshops in partnership with BBDO Singapore will be taking place during TikTok’s Creative competition, TikTok Trendsetter Awards 2020. The competition invites marketing and creative professionals and agencies across Southeast Asia to participate with the aim to inspire entrants to harness the untapped potential of TikTok and solve real-world marketing challenges. The winners will receive up to US$40,000 in prizes and mentorship with TikTok Global Business Marketing (GBM) executives.

To enter the competition, view tutorials, best practices and creative playbooks, please visit:

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