CANNES – The 177 shortlisted entries for Print & Publishing Lions have been revealed.

Brazil had an impressive 37 shortlisted entries led by Y&R Brazil out of Sao Paulo led the way with seven entries over AFRICA Sao Paulo which had five. The United States was runner-up in most number of shortlisted entries at 29.

In Not-for-profit/Charity, Y&R Brazil earned shortlisted entries for Greenpeace for ‘Panda Bear,’ ‘Anteater,’ and ‘Orangutan’ while doing so in the same category for Plan International for ‘3 Kids’ and ‘Grandfather.’ The agency also bagged shortlisted entries for ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Car’ on behald of client Freddo. ‘Unnoticed’ for LG Home Cameras was shortlisted in Innovative Use of Print.

The complete list of shortlisted entries in Print & Publishing Lions is here:

Cannes Lions 2018 Print & Publishing Shortlist by adobo magazine on Scribd