NEW YORK – On May 10, Philippine agency TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno won the 2017 AME Awards’ sole Green Award for “Dirty Watercolor” under the Environmental Issues category. In addition to the prestigious Green Award, the campaign scored a Gold medallion each in the Events and Outdoor/Transit/Out-of-Home categories. Meanwhile, “Correcting History” won a Silver under Civic/Social Education and a Bronze under Social Video. The wins came shortly after eight previously announced shortlist nods.

“Dirty Watercolor” has been recognized across international and regional shows for the creative manner it raises awareness for Manila’s polluted rivers and tributaries. Through artworks produced with polluted river water, the initiative was able to raise over ₱1.3 million for the ABS-CBN Foundation’s river clean-up efforts.

For “Correcting History”, produced in association with CARMMA, millennials were brought face-to-face with Martial Law victims in an effort to educate them on the atrocities of the Marcos dictatorship.

Oishi’s “Snackable Cannibals”, Nissan’s “Built to Stand Out”, and Boysen’s “Countless Colors” were awarded with Finalist Certificates.

All told, the AME medallion wins greatly exhibited the spirit TBWA\SMP’s philosophy of Creativity for Humanity. According to TBWA\SMP Executive Creative Director Bryan Siy, “Creativity is our purpose. It’s not measurable only by medals, but more importantly, by the lives it has changed and the communities it has helped.”

The AME Awards for advertising and marketing effectiveness honors excellent work in ground-breaking solutions to challenging marketing problems.